Coffered Ceilings

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Coffered ceilings are an architectural style that has been continuously used as a way to have ceilings emanate style, elegance, and drama. Because ceilings are often named as a “fifth wall” and can be the first feature a guest sees when they visit your home, it can be nice to have a ceiling you can be proud of.

Coffered Ceilings are also called “waffled ceilings” because of their appearance and are a staple for the most luxurious homes and hotels in the past century. It can be a great source of depth and can emanate a historic feel that will match the specific theme that you want for your space. Coffer-styled ceilings are made with a series of specific types of sunken panels that are commonly shaped in square or rectangular grids and are placed on flat and vaulted ceilings.

All About Coffered Ceilings

Do you want an eye-catching ceiling? Are you tired of your boring fifth wall? Before having a coffered ceiling installed, it is important to know all about it and the pros and cons of having one. 

What is the purpose of coffered ceilings?

1. It offers a customized decorative architectural piece for your space

When you have a coffered ceiling installed in your home, your installer would ask you about the design you want. Most homeowners want to have a traditional or modern feel in their houses. To make your plans into reality, it is important to have a trusted and reliable carpenter to do it for you.

There are many styles of coffered ceilings that will fit better into your home. It can be wallpapered, mural-covered, silver leafed, etc. Having the right style and make of your coffered ceiling can add an entirely different aura and can even create an illusion of a taller ceiling.  







2. It increases the value of your home

Not only do coffered ceilings make your homes look luxurious and expensive, it can actually make your homes be expensive! Depending on the installation and make of your ceiling, it has been reported that these artistic indentations can be the reason why your house can be sold for a higher price. There are many cases of houses being sold for a much higher price because it has a coffered ceiling.

3. It can make your ceiling more sturdy and less prone to have molds and mildew

If your coffered ceiling was designed and installed properly by an expert carpenter, it can be truly beneficial for your home and will go beyond its usual decorative purpose. When a coffered ceiling is being fitted, an experienced carpenter will make sure that they are using materials that will not be strenuous to your pre-built ceiling. The panels they make will also be in a good condition that will not be prone to molds and mildew that are common to appear when the materials that were used are substandard. 

4. It absorbs excess sound

Another benefit that unexpectedly comes with having a coffered ceiling is that it somehow helps with sound absorption, making it popular for use in living rooms and bedrooms. 

What you need to know before having a coffered ceiling installed

Before having a coffered ceiling installed in your home, you need to consider the following factors that can make a coffered ceiling not ideal for your space.

1. Your space’s ceiling height.

Coffered ceilings are placed on your existing flat or vaulted one, and it will take up some space to have it installed. It is important to know that your ceiling should be on a higher level in order to be able to install a coffered one under it. Have your carpenter measure your space before proceeding to the more advanced planning. 

2. It can be the cause of your ceiling collapsing.

Because your coffered ceilings are placed on your existing ceiling, it can be super heavy and be the cause of stress that is too much for your structure to support. This is another reason why you need to have an experienced carpenter to do the work as they can do an estimate and have extra support or beam in place to prevent your ceiling from collapsing. 

3. The budget in having a coffered ceiling installed.

Having a coffered ceiling installed can be really expensive, which is the main reason why they are often found on mansions and lush offices. Because you need to have them installed by a carpenter who is a true expert in doing coffered ceilings, you should expect to pay at least $25 per square foot, and may be higher depending on the material and design you will use. 

4. It can make your ceiling look less attractive.

One of the possible outcomes of having a coffered ceiling is that it can be less attractive when it is done. Do not worry though, as this only usually happens when you hired a carpenter without any experience in installing a coffered ceiling. An experienced carpenter will make sure that you will have the gist and know the final look of your ceiling before it is done.