Custom Closets

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Closets are not just a thing you use to organize your clothing and other paraphernalia. It can also help in setting the vibe of your bedroom or the general space it is stored. In places with lesser space available such as in condominiums and apartments, it is important to have a dedicated area where you can lay out your wardrobe while maximizing the space that is accessible.

Custom made closets are a game-changer in the organization business. This is because it is specifically customized for your particular space and needs. Carpenters can also design a style that will fit what you want to put in your closet, may it be your heavy coats, designer bags, and a handful pair of shoes. If you need more shelves or more rods for hanging, tell your carpenter and it can easily be done at a reasonable price, depending on the materials you want your closet made.

Benefits of having a custom made closet

1. It saves your valuable space

For places that have less available space for furniture, having a custom made closet can save you the space that you need in order for you to be able to put other important things, especially in apartments where space is scarce. If your house has an awkward space you do not know what to put, most designers opt to put a custom closet instead to maximize the area and hide the weird gap between rooms and living areas.

2. It can store more things

One of the most important features a custom made closet can have is you can have it designed to put more clothes and things inside it. You can do this by asking your designer or maker to make a closet that will fit your needs. For example, if you will need more space on a particular side for your coats, but you will need the other side to have more drawers, this can be easily done and you can have your customized place for your jewelry, shoes, watches, etc.

3. It will blend in with your theme

Because custom made closets are made just for you, you are free to choose from the options available and come up with a design that will fit your room’s style. No matter what your theme is: rustic, bohemian, modern, minimalistic, and others, your designer can easily make a closet that will be adding to the visual appeal of your home.

4. It can be modified

Over the years, you and your family’s needs and lifestyle will inevitably change. The custom made cabinet that you had to have made for your children’s clothes may not be as efficient for them in their teenage years. There is no need to have another one made as custom made cabinets can be modified and upgraded to accommodate your needs. 

5. It can add value to your home

If there will come a time that you will move and will need to have your house sold, having custom made cabinets can actually add value to your home and result in it having to be sold earlier than the estimated period. These cabinets last for a long time and are sturdier than stock cabinets bought in stores, which is why buyers would love to buy houses with built-in cabinets for added efficiency.

Types of custom made closets

1. Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closets are smaller types of organizers that can be used to store or hang clothes and can have appropriate shelves for other clothing such as shirts and pants as well. Custom made reach-in closets are usually placed in the gaps in rooms that can be awkward when left empty. There are many types of reach-in closets, one is a linen closet to store towels, beddings, and bathroom utilities. 





2. Walk-in Closet

If you are looking for the best way to organize your clothes in the master’s bedroom, having a custom made walk-in closet would be your best bet. These closets are perfect for rooms that need bigger shelves and organizers inside for you and your partner’s clothes and accessories, such as ties, watches, shoes, and can also be used to store jewelry, bags, pillowcases, and bedsheets.

3. Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobe closets have been popular in the earlier years but are still a staple in the present time due to their traditional and vintage look. Unlike walk-in and reach-in closets that are mainly used for clothing, wardrobes or “armoires” can be a decorative piece of furniture that can also be cleverly used to store tableware, cutlery, and other stuff.

Materials used in custom closets

Because custom closets are fully customizable according to your need and preference, there are a lot of options you can choose from for their finishing material that will absolutely suit your room’s theme.

1. Melamine

Melamine is a very popular finish choice for homeowners due to its attractive design and affordable price. 

2. Wire

This material is commonly used in walk-in closets due to its lightweight properties.

3. Wood

This material can be expensive but is very sturdy and can bear heavier loads.