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Do you want to add some spice and appeal to your space? Are you looking for something that can make your interiors shine? Wainscoting an area might be a wonderful project that can brighten up your home and office.

Wainscoting simply does not go out of style

Ever wonder why wainscoting – or simply wall paneling, seems to have a lot of admirers even in this modern century? Back when it was first introduced, the pattern looks the same, and it was such a pain to install.

Thanks to modern technology, the wainscoting technique has been adapted to emphasize appeal, compared to when it was used for surviving the cold winter months for its insulating properties. This made the process less expensive and due to its charming appearance, more homeowners have been looking for a company that can install them correctly.

Why trust our crew to get the job done?

When you hire a company to install your panel walls, have the work done by the people who will do it right the first time. The process in wainscoting is more than the installation itself: You deserve a professional contractor who is experienced and did the work countless times.

For us, wainscoting is an art. If it was done haphazardly, the result will not be as appealing, and this is a huge waste of your time and resources. Sadly, this is what some clients experienced before asking us to mend the damage.






Interior projects can be disappointing, but we won’t let that happen to you.

Our entire team is proud:                                                                 

  • to be a thriving local business

We are born to work in this industry. Most of us have been part of a generation of handymen and are grateful to be able to continue. From installations to repairs, every job is done with care.

  • to have experience and training

Even with years of experience on the job, we continue to learn new techniques that might be helpful for the trade. We are very challenged to improve because we want to keep providing quality services.

  • to be known as a company that takes our job seriously

As professionals, we recognize the value of respecting other people’s time. We will arrive early, get the work done, clean up, and be on our way.

  • to offer fair prices and honest consultations

Aside from the job being our bread and butter, we genuinely enjoy our work. Our company is not just in for the profits. We will listen to your requests and offer our opinions if asked. You will pay the amount we agreed on, and there will be no hidden charges.

  • to always strive on earning the trust of our customers

It is important for us to do the best we can because we will always promise quality and consistent workmanship.

We offer wainscoting services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Looking for an expert wainscoting service near you? If you live in Fort Wayne, just give us a ring and talk to our crew about your project.

  • Wainscoting Installations

Tell us what panel type you want (Raised Panel, Flat Panel, Beadboard, Overlay, or Board and Batten)

Material preference (Plastic, Vinyl, Oak, Wood, Faux)

Design, pattern, shade, and texture (Color, Half, Neutrals, Contrast, etc.)

  • Wainscoting Repair

If you have defective or scratched panels

Tell us about your project

Do you have a theme or idea in mind? Let us be part of the process. For questions about our services and availability, call us at our number, and let’s get your renovation started.